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Updated 5/29/00

At long, long last I've posted the correct version of the True Cat Fist Epliogue as a separate chapter (you can click on the TCF logo for a version that's all one file).  I'm sorry I'm taking so damn long about editing and posting QftDF Ch 2, but Real Life and exhaustion have been reering their ugly heads, and I just haven't had the energy.  Don't worry, I'm a long way from quitting.

Previous Update (4/25/00):
Okay, i've got the spiffy logo!  I made it myself, with JASC Paint Shop Pro.  Aren't Y'all proud of me?

I also have Chapter Two in the works (i'd like to say that i'm waiting on my pre-readers, but it's rather the other way around...), and a complete draft of Chapter Three.  I might just get ahead of myself, ne?

Previous Update (4/11/00):
Wow, not even a month since last time.  WHOOHOO!

Quest for the Dragon Fist now has three pre-readers: Latin_D (David), Lady Sharon, and Rommel Villanueva.  They have finally approved Chapter One (well, we still have a styalistic arguments... i like commas and elipsis, and they... don't ^_^)

Oh, and in case i hadn't mentioned it:  irregardless of what any of my fics say, the Neko-sama address is NOT active.
To email me, use ScholarMage@hotmail.com.

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[Complete and Final Revised Version, of course]
Chapter One: A Debt To Be Paid

Chapter Two: "X The Wheel"

Chapter Three: Sides of The Story

Chapter Four: Finding and Facing Ranma

Chapter Five: Nature of the Neko-ken

Chaper Six: The Training Begins

Chapter Seven: The Nature of Things

Side Story: To China
Chapter Eight: Choices

Chapter Nine: Amazon Enemy, Amazon Ally

ChapterTen: "XVI The Tower"


The"Complete" Original Version can be found here, authors footnotes and all.

Quest for the Dragon Fist Logo
Chapter One "A New Age Begins"-- Posted 4/11/00

Chapter Two "None Such Thing" -- *EDITING*

Chapter Three "XV  The Devil" -- *WRITING*

Chapter Four "Foul Weather Feline" -- *TBA*

Chapter Five "Rain of Terror Ends" -- *TBA*

More chapters TBA

 The Original Prolouge is still available for archive's sake.

*Not Yet Abailable*
Okay, so there's one MAJOR problem with this fic: very few people out there have the paganistic/occultic/phylisofical background that i do. not everyone's religion is based on the Balance of Yin and Yang (as mine is), or their lifestyle intimately related to their Ki/Chi (again, as mine is).

So here are are two esseys: one on Balance Theory and the Yin and Yang, and one on just precisely what Ki/Chi is.

I hope they prove useful and infromative to you, please let me know.


Theory of Yin and Yang Updated as of 7/23/98 against a new argument.

Ki and Chi

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